Turkey: Fethiye

Fethiye was the last, and biggest, place I visited in Turkey during my week there. It’s a beautiful and hectic place with possibly the biggest attraction for tourists in the area, Fethiye Market.

The town is located in a beautiful place surrounded by mountain landscape, a vibrant blue harbour, more useless crap than you can buy and the most irritating people selling them. I say irritating only because you can’t walk two paces without someone literally grabbing you and trying to sell you some piece of crap that you will never need…other than that they’re the nicest people you will ever meet. The market itself is the second largest in Turkey, second only to the grand bizarre located in Istanbul…though it isn’t as pretty being held up by festival style sheeting rather than historic architecture.

One of the more shocking parts of the market was the amount of child workers present, there were a lot of children working at the stalls and especially in the food market. Though, in all honesty, it was amazing to see how kind of happy they were to be helping their parents and families in the most important time of year to make money. In Turkey, the summer time is the best time to earn coin and also the most pressured time. The reason for this is that tourism is the main money maker for Turkey’s economy and for the poorer families of Turkey. Once winter hits and the tourists die down, so does the money…they effectively enter a financial hibernation. This is why the people of Turkey work so hard to make money and persist so much to make a sale in the markets, this is their only really chance to ensure they can feed their families over the winter. Therefore it is rather beautiful, as a man coming from the lazy country of Britain where children would rather play video games and stare at iPhones than work, to see such young children so eager to help ensure the financial safety of their families. Just outstanding commitment and dedication…we Brits should all take inspiration from the Turks.

Not too far from the main town is possibly one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, it’s certainly one of the most photographed…it’s a beautifully vibrant place called ‘The Blue Lagoon’. We didn’t spend a lot of time their unfortunately but I would recommend the place to anyone, it’s incredibly relaxing and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen…though that isn’t much of a credit coming from me.

On the way back from Fethiye, we stopped off at a Turkish Delight factory and not the english gooey crap that you get in a Cadbury’s bar…this is the true and proper Turkish Delight. It was fascinating to see the workers making the delicacy, the craftsmanship is simple but intriguing to witness. The best part of this particular brand of Turkish Delight is that no chemicals are used to make them, it’s all natural ingredients. The flavours come in an endless list of varieties and combinations, I couldn’t fit every type in the two boxes I bought!

Here are some of the shots from my time in Fethiye:



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